Anti-aging best practice for men

How do I introduce men's anti-ageing skincare products into my routine?

Many people wonder how to get rid of wrinkles on a man's face and can have the expectation that a single anti-ageing product will quickly swipe those wrinkles away. This isn't how the skin is designed to do. This is a marathon, not a sprint, and by taking better care of your skin for longer, you will reap the rewards and get longer lasting results with the skin you have. Step by step, here's our guide to a great men's anti-ageing skincare routine!

Step one: Wash your face Thoroughly!

Put down that bar of soap, gents. Not only is ordinary soap very drying for your skin, but it can also cause redness, sore patches and exacerbate problems such as acne. Try to think of your skin like a piece of cloth or a garment from your wardrobe. Do you want it to age like tough leather, or like a soft fluffy cashmere jumper? 

Every morning and evening, start with a gentle cleanser that suits your skin type and gently work it into a lather, massaging it over your face with both hands. Pay particular attention to your nose, chin and forehead where spots, enlarged pores and blackheads may develop. Use lukewarm water to rinse, and then pat your skin dry. Do not rub your face excessively, as this can make it irritated and sore. If your skin is acne-prone, try patting it dry with kitchen paper or a disposable towel.

Step two: Exfoliate properly

Exfoliating your skin is essential for removing build-up of excess oils and impurities and helps to buff away any dead skin cells that can be responsible for ingrown hairs and dry patches. Use a facial scrub once or twice a week to give you a brighter and more rejuvenated complexion. If you have a beard, up the exfoliation to twice a week to catch any potentially ingrown hairs, so you can have a smoother and closer shave.

Step three: Use a quality moisturiser.

You may be wondering: what is the best men's anti-wrinkle cream? The answer is a moisturiser that is of a good quality, with active ingredients that 'plump out' wrinkles. Path Men’s anti-aging moisturiser for example contains Moringa, Aloe and Bakuchiol. Moringa contains high levels of Vitamin C, which helps to boost skin's collagen levels, which in turn reduces fine lines. Aloe is a great anti-inflammatory that is rich in Vitamins C and A. It is very effective in promoting healthy aging by nourishing the skin and reserving signs of skin damage. 

Research indicates that bakuchiol is one of the best men's anti-ageing skincare ingredients, as it helps restore skin's elasticity, firmness and tone. If your skin is sensitive, it also calms redness.

Also apply moisturiser at night so that all the amazing ingredients from the moistures sinks into your skin and repairs it overnight while you sleep.

Step four: Use Sunscreen.

When you go out in the sun, use a sunscreen with at least SPF 30, which blocks UVA and UVB rays. Damage from the sun can cause ageing spots, wrinkles and sagging, and in extreme cases, skin cancer because of the harmful rays you are exposed to. Even if you go out on a cloudy day, apply an SPF over your regular moisturiser to keep your skin looking youthful and to protect it.

Step five: Look after yourself.

If you are noticing dark circles and sagging skin under your peepers, stop trying to find a quick fix. What you should do instead is listen to your body and start taking better care of it. After all, your general health is reflected in your skin.  

Remember to also drink plenty of water, as keeping hydrated increases skin's elasticity, which in turn will give it the best chance of staying supple and wrinkle-free. If you are dehydrated and not getting enough water, this will show in your skin. You may look more fatigued, or start to suffer from dryness. Cut back on alcohol where you can, as this will also improve the overall appearance and glow of your skin.

Many people fail to realise the importance of diet and how it links to their overall skin health. After all, you are what you eat. Consume foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, as these can help skin stay bouncy and full of radiance. Avoid overly processed foods that are high in sugar, unhealthy fats or starchy carbohydrates, as these can speed up the ageing process. Ensure that you eat a healthy diet filled with plenty of fresh fruits like citrus and berries, and vegetables like leafy greens, whole grains, pulses and seeds, as well as meat and oily fish like salmon and mackerel.

Finally, limit stress and take care to follow a healthy work/life balance so that your body has the relaxation time it needs. Allow yourself to get plenty of sleep, which increases blood flow and collagen production while repairing sun damage. Even if you only have an extra 30 minutes of sleep a night, a little goes a long way!  

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